Saturday, March 9, 2019

I think he's ready

People like to use the term "hitting rock bottom" when referring to a heroin addict getting so low that they are ready to stop using.  But sadly, "bottom" for many heroin addicts is death.

I think, I HOPE, Keven has reached his "bottom".  He's in the hospital with sepsis which is life threatening but hopefully they caught it soon enough.  It started in a deep abscess in his upper thigh (from shooting up there).  They operated on it but could not get all the infection out so for now they have a drain in it, but on Tuesday they will go in again to try and get the rest.

In the meantime, they are waiting for the bacteria culture to be identified and we are hoping and praying its not necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) because that would mean he may need his leg amputated.

I can't think about that.  I have one nurse telling me how sick he is and another saying "he'll be okay" so I go with nurse two.

For those kind souls who still read here - things with my brother have gotten even worse since last time I wrote.  So live is a bit of a challenge these days.

How are YOU doing??????

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


  1. This is really weird but I was in the hospital a few weeks ago with cellulitis that went necrotic, but not necrotizing fasciitis. They surgically cleaned it all out, it looked like someone took an ice cream scoop to my thigh. I was there from Wednesday to Monday and for a few weeks after I had to change my dressing first twice a day and then once a day. This past Thursday they sent a nurse out to set me up with a wound VAC. I'm wearing it over my shoulder like a purse as I type this, with a tube running to the wound. I go to Wound Care on Tuesdays so we will see how well the wound VAC is doing. As always I wish the best for you and Keven. I hope he heals well and this is the wake-up call he needs. Big hugs from me and Robyn.

  2. There is literally a never quiet moment for you. I truly hope this the rock bottom your Kevan needs. I don’t know if this is appropriate; however, judging from past posts, I don’t think we live too far from one another. I was wondering if one day we could have coffee and speak about your experiences. You’re so wise. I’m so lost with my sister.

  3. Fingers crossed for both you and Keven, Barbara ... Life is meant to challenge us, but enough is enough, I think !! Take care, friend, and look after yourself xx

  4. From reading your blog it seems a heroin addict never gets to a stage where they are ready to stop using. How the hell as Keven's mother you live with that I don't know. Keep holding on to that hope you still have.

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