Friday, October 27, 2017

I'm Getting Married for the first time at age 58!

For once I have some great news to share here.  I know not a lot of people read here these days, and I already shared on FB, but wanted to share my joy.

Peter and I met because both of our children are heroin addicts.  A mutual friend introduced us (over the phone - he lives 7 hours north of me) because she thought it would help him to have someone to talk to about his daughter.  We hit it off.

After 3 months we met in person and from there things just blossomed.  On August 15th, as we were walking on the beach, he found a rock for me to sit on then dropped to one knee and proposed.  It wasn't my first proposal but it was the only one that I felt 100% sure about!

We celebrated one year of knowing each other on October 11.  We plan to marry in May/June 2018 and he will move here for a year then we will move out of state after that.

I've never been happier and have never known true love until now!  Sadly, we still have our children to deal with and that is the one dark cloud hanging over with, but we will make it work.

Right after he asked me he looked down and found a heart shaped rock!  This is extra significant because we find heart-shaped rocks for each other all the time.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


  1. So happy for you guys! If you pick May 25th as the date you can share an anniversary with Robyn and me. :-)

  2. I'm so so sooooo happy for you. I still check and read the blogs. They used to be my salvation. People don't write much anymore and I miss them. Love and peace to you and your new husband to be!

  3. Congratulations, have many tears of happiness.

  4. Good one. It’s a good start up guide for newbies to blogging. those who have no prior experience. Very detailed and easy to follow along.
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  5. Hi Barbara,

    It's Zoe. Lost track of you sometime ago and was just linking from one blog to another when I saw an old comment of yours and clicked through to this blog. Congrats and best wishes to you and Peter. Glad to see this happiness in your life. <3

  6. Hi!
    I’ve been watching my sister slowly killing herself for 2 years at the age of 35. With two kids and a stable life, I can’t fathom why she tried heroin. She’s lost everything: her car, job, kids, apartment, friends, and family. Your blog has been real and raw, and I was wondering if you had an update wether good or bad? Thanks!

  7. Samantha, sorry it took a few to get back to you! I am so very sorry to hear about your sister, its the worse thing to watch. Very few can understand unless they are living it themselves like we are. Thanks for asking for an update. Keven is at home detoxing yet again after being in 4 rehabs and having 2 jail stints since I posted this. Two of the rehabs only lasted a few days, one lasted a few weeks and one lasted a month. I feel like I"m going to lose him sometimes. Last night he said he just doesn't want to be here anymore :(

    1. Thabk you so much for the response. I didn’t know it was here before today. Sorry!
      I’m sorry to hear that about Keven. I really wonder if there are truly successful stories out there. Hollywood makes it seem like these starts beat their addiction, but so they really? I want to hope for my sister and your Keven, but most of the time, I feel like it’s our new reality. I know it’s not your new reality so to speak, and my heart hurts for you.
      How are the wedding plans going?

  8. So sorry to hear that, Barbara. Robyn and I both wish we were closer so we could give you big hugs.

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