Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Year Older

I'm glad I had no expectations for my birthday,  I knew it was just be like any other day and that's fine with me.  I do feel depressed but mostly because I feel tired, my tinnitus is blaring and there's nothing to eat in the house cause I didn't do the shopping today (went to visit Keven).

Keven is moving home when he gets out.  He's decided he doesn't need another rehab.  I'm fine with that, I don't really want him living here, but I don't want him on the street.  I was looking at rehab for him as more time with him NOT here, but that's only delaying the inevitable.  One more round of traditional drug treatment isn't what he needs.  He needs a JOB.

I think I am more grouchy than depressed.  The heat and the wind today has wiped me out, not to mention make eyes burn with dirt in my contacts.  There was trash and tumbleweeds and all sorts of stuff flying at my car as I drove in the wind.  Also there was a fire near here last night (close to where I work) so there was a layer of smoke in the 90 degree air too.


Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara