Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Job!

I apologize to anyone who tried to get on here and was unable to, I took it off line because I was looking for a job and you never know if a potential employer is going to "Google" you (I would!)  But I got a job already!  I start in 2 days and will be working in the office of a drug treatment center - but offsite from the actual facility (bummer, I would have loved interacting with the clients but that's probably best knowing how I can get attached to people - the reason I never pursued becoming a counselor which was what all my aptitude tests since HS said I should be).

ANYHOW....things are pretty good.  Keven is still in "Reception" at Wasco prison which means no phone calls - very hard on both of us, but we right a lot.

My life is going to change a lot going back to work full-time, there's a big difference between working 15 hours a week vs. 40!    It will be changes for GOOD!  I admit I will miss all the free time,  but if I'm honest with myself, I didn't use it productively and basically isolated myself most of the time.  Now I will be around people, using my skills, and...........making money!

Anthony's memorial turned out to be very special, but we didn't get the huge turnout we expected.  I understand, a lot of people were avoiding potential drama (since many of his friends didn't like each other, etc.)  His very truest friends were there and that's what matters.  We wrote notes and tied them to balloons and let them fly off into the sky at the end.  We all stood there till those balloons disappeared completely from our site.  It gave a lot of us the closure we needed.

"We love you, Anthony!"

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara