Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

As I perused my blog list and scrolled through FB, I saw that many of you had a good Thanksgiving this year!   Then there were those that had an okay Thanksgiving, but had someone missing from around the dinner table - away at rehab, on the streets or in jail.  And then there were the few (a few too many) who would always have someone missing from the table and my heart breaks for those families.  We used to have a saying around these blogs, "as long as they're breathing, there's hope".   Four mothers immediately come to mind and I can't even begin to pretend that I understand the depth of their loss.

For me, it was a pretty good day.  Kev was here with me, not exactly doing great, but doing so much better than he has in the past.  Anthony, on the other hand, was arrested (again) the day before Thanksgiving.  I'll never forget the times he spent Thanksgiving here with my family, one year Keven was in jail and Ant was out so we invited him over. He said it was the best Thanksgiving ever. Another year we invited his brother to join him here and that was really special.  I'm pretty sure he'll be locked up for a while this time - he picked up a new charge, his very first sales charge.  Not gonna be pretty.

The big concern I have is not that Anthony and his girlfriend got busted - its that Chili got busted too!  Now she's in the dog pound with no one to get her out.  Its so tempting to rescue her and add her to the Zoo here, but I don't think my family members would be okay with it.  I really need to find out where she is and make sure they don't put her to sleep or adopt her out until I have time to get a hold of someone that might hold on to her till Ant or the GF get out.  Chili is a Pit so her chances in "dog jail" are not good.

For me personally - Today was very good day. Spent some time with someone that I haven't seen in years, but it felt like very little time had passed.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Am I Still in Jr. High or What?

This week has been the week of people that should be old enough to know better saying unpleasant things to me or my co-workers.

1.  I wished my best friend a happy birthday on Facebook.  We met when I was 15 and she was 17.  We've never stopped being friends (we did have one fight that lasted 6 months once!  lol).  So out of the blue comes the person that originally introduced my friend to me saying "why is she your best friend, you met me first, you have been my best friend all my life".  Normally I would just say WTF?  But I realize that this person (who is NOT even close to being a friend of mine for so many reasons) is the product of alcoholism. Even though it was only 10 am when she wrote it, I'm pretty sure she was drunk, and I'm pretty sure that her drinking has kept her from maturing.  She's 56 years old and she hasn't changed much since we were teens. I feel sad for her but it was very weird.

2.  I don't like to say much about work, but a new person at our office showed up a month or so ago and has caused more drama and bullshit that our office has ever seen.  She finally got a good talking to and is suppose to stop being so mean, arrogant and self centered - we'll see how that goes.

3.  One of Keven's friend's started a rumor about me.  WHAT!?  I believe this friend (a former girlfriend of Anthony's) feels jealous and or betrayed because all those years ago when he dumped her, she felt I should have stayed close to her, not him.  But the rumor is ugly and so far from the truth and Keven was mortified when she said this to him.  Thankfully he came to me and I said DID YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT FOR A SECOND?  He said "of course not but that didn't make it any easier to hear".

I am not inviting drama into my life these days.  I am going to work, coming home, and doing my best to mind my own business and do my own thing:  Walking, yoga, and most importantly WATCHING THE ANAHEIM DUCKS!

Out of all these the last one is the one that bothers me the most, the second one affects me the most on a daily basis (during the workweek) and the first one makes me sad and mad because I tried to endure this woman and stay her friend but I got tired of her calling me drunk and calling me a "f____ing bitch" for no other reason than she is, was and apparently always will be jealous of my true friendship with my BFF.

Mathieu Perreault My fave player this season, its his first year as a Duck, Mathieu Perreault.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara