Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean to you?  I think I will visit the memorial we have set up near our library here and take some pictures to post later.  Its an impressive display of honor for all the local men and women that have died while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last few years.  War has changed over the decades. I understand it, but I don't like it.

Sadly the way we seem to celebrate this holiday is mostly by BBQs and drinking (my family does the BBQ thing so often its hard to say if the one we had this weekend was to celebrate or not...)  There have been  are alcohol checkpoints out since Friday evening.  Sad that most holidays include people getting drunk and then driving.

So nothing good is going on here.  But nothing too terrible.  Just life stuff that we all have to deal with.  Staying positive.  Sometimes when I feel down I just have to look around for my dog and see what she's up to and she makes me smile and/or laugh.  Just now she was having her morning snack of cat litter.  NOT the used stuff, the few kernels that fell on the floor, its made out of corn so its safe to eat, but really!  Gross!

Thinking of all my POA friends out there.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara

PS  For those of you who heard I was being considered for the Katie Couric show - I haven't heard anything from them in weeks so I think its a no-go which is actually a relief to me in a way.  The point is to get the message out, which she will do.  It doesn't matter if I am part of that message or not.  Knowing me I would have said the wrong thing on live TV!  :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

HAPPY Mother's Day

I just read the post from last year's Mother's Day.  I had a peaceful day and took a lot of naps to avoid thinking about the fact that my son was once again in jail for a "holiday".  I didn't go visit him.

Today, is a totally different story.  He's clean, working and bought me a gift with his own (legally earned) money for the first time ever.  I can't wait to see what it is.

I'm treating myself to a massage with hot stones and then will spend the rest of the day with Keven running errands and stuff.  Together.  Happily.

My heart goes out to all the Moms out there who have a child actively using, in jail or rehab, or, that is no longer here.  It rips my guts to think of some of you that have lost children, how do you survive that loss?

I don't know what next Mother's Day will be like, so I am going to enjoy this one.

Keven and his cousin, Danielle

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara